Rishi Sunak rips up EU rules to greenlight 100,000 new homes

Rishi Sunak has torn up Brussels red tape and given the green light to 100,000 new homes in a housing bonanza triggered by Brexit.


Over-the-top EU environmental restrictions had blocked many developments near waterways.But the Prime Minister said freedoms gained by Britain leaving the bloc mean the regulations can be ditched in an £18billion shot in the arm for the economy.

He told the Daily Express: “I was proud to vote for Brexit, I believe in Brexit and I am determined to make sure we seize the benefits.

“Our announcement yesterday will unlock 100,000 new homes in communities where people want those homes.


“It will provide an £18billion boost to our economy and support tens of thousands of jobs.”

Mr Sunak added: “We’re able to do it because we are able to use our Brexit freedoms to scrap a disproportionate and poorly targeted old EU ruling that blocked these homes.

EU ruling that blocked these homes. Thankfully we can now reverse that. “And alongside that we are investing hundreds of millions of pounds to continue protecting and enhancing our precious natural environment.

That’s fantastic for first-time buyers who have been waiting to achieve their dream of home ownership.” Mr Sunak said that rules dating from Britain’s membership of the European Union were hindering developers from building further housing estates.

The PM added: “I want to see more homes built. It’s also what local communities want. “But sometimes hangover EU laws get in the way. It’s not right.

“So I’m cutting the red tape to unlock thousands of new homes and I’m stepping up action to protect our environment.” Regulations on “nutrient neutrality” were put in place in 2019 after a ruling by the European Court of Justice.



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